Paul Forza is a Filmmaker and Photographer based in Adelaide, South Australia. 

Throughout his life, Paul has been intrigued by the world of storytelling, which eventuated to the practice of filmmaking. Here he became infatuated with 
contemporary contemplative cinema as well as creating and expressing ideas in an authentic, metaphorical and stylistic manner. Paul aspires to communicate stories 
that not only coincide with virtuous storytelling but explore the human condition, cultural intricacies and religious ideologies among supplemental themes. 

Spanning over several months between 2016 and 2017, Paul wrote, directed and produced his debut short film 'Il Signore Anziano aka The Elderly Gentleman' which 
went on to win Best Non-Narrative Short Film at the 2017 South Australian Screen Awards and became a finalist at the South Australian Living Artists Festival for 
the UnitCare Services Moving Image Award. 

Paul is a graduate from The University of Adelaide and Flinders University where he completed his coursework in the Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and 
Management) program in 2013, and the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Screen) program in 2016 respectively.
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